The name of the unincorporated association shall be referred to as The Australia, Qatar and New Zealand Business Chamber Association Group (herein after referred to as the ‘Organisation’).


The objectives of the Organisation are:

a)      To supplement the objectives of the Australia, Qatar and New Zealand Business Chamber

b)      to promote mutual understanding, commerce, investment and trade between Australia, Qatar and New Zealand.


a) the Director(s) of the AQNBC may appoint a Management Committee at a future date by ordinary resolution. At the passing of such a resolution by the AQNBC changes will be made to this constitution which will set out the rules under which the Management Committee shall manage the Association Group

b) until such time as a Management Committee is established the Association Group shall be managed by a Chairperson appointed by the AQNBC Director(s) by Ordinary Resolution

C) the Chairperson shall hold office for a period of 12 calendar months from the date of his/her appointment

d) the Chairperson is responsible for all matters relating to the management and governance of the Association Group

e) the Association shall have two additional Officers namely the Membership Secretary and the Student Engagement Officer


a) membership of the Organisation will be open to any companies, registered or unregistered and any individuals committed to developing the Australia/ Qatar/New Zealand relationship who accept the aims of the Organisation

b) membership fees will be determined by the Director(s) and reviewed on an annual basis, or from time to time

c) any person wishing to become a member must subscribe to these rules and have paid their current annual membership fee in full

d) the Management Committee, or in the absence of a Management Committee, the Chairperson, may, at their discretion, refuse any application for membership

e) any member wishing to withdraw from membership must sign, and submit to the Management Committee or Chairperson, a written notice. On receipt by the Management Committee or Chairperson of the notice they will cease to be a member

f) any member may be expelled from membership by the Management Committee or Chairperson for non-payment of membership fees or for any behavior’s deemed to be reasonably contradictory to the aims of AQNBC and/or that could be perceived as potentially damaging to the Australia/ Qatar /New Zealand trilateral relationship

g) a membership record will be maintained at all times containing the name, address and other contact details of members


a) finance shall be raised by membership fees, fund raising events, subscriptions, donations, legacies or grants

b) the Financial Year shall be the Australian financial year

c) the Chairperson shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Organisation. At the end of the financial year the Treasurer will prepare an annual statement of accounts

d) the accounts may be independently examined at least once a year by the Independent Examiners appointed at the Chairperson /Management Committee

e) the independently examined statement of accounts shall be made available for members to review

f) none of the organization’s assets may be distributed or otherwise applied (on being wound up or at any other time) except to further its objects and meet its expenses. Such expenses also include the agreed remuneration of the Chairperson

g) a bank account shall be opened in the name of the Organisation with a bank or building society as the Chairperson or Management Committee shall from time to time decide. The Chairperson is authorized to sign cheques on behalf of the Organisation and/or conduct any other financial transaction


Alterations to the conditions may be proposed by members to the Chairperson. Changes to the constitution shall be made by the Director(s) of AQNBC


If the Chairperson (or Management Committee, by a simple majority) decide at any time, on ground of expense or otherwise, that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve  the Organisation, then the organization shall be dissolved, and such dissolution shall be communicated to existing members

Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred equally to any current members at that time

Dated 15 October 2019